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Recovery NOW's suboxone clinic in Antioch, TN, specializes in Medication-Assisted Treatment, guiding you through the challenges of opioid withdrawal, helping you conquer addiction, and ushering in a new chapter of life.

For individuals in Antioch, TN grappling with opioid addiction, Recovery NOW offers MAT Treatment using Suboxone, ensuring a confidential, respectful, and professionally supportive treatment experience.

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In Antioch, TN, addiction to opioids and opiates is a significant challenge. As highly addictive drugs that are often prescribed and readily available, they lead numerous individuals and families into substance abuse struggles.

As per the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, approximately 92,000 deaths in the U.S. in 2020 were due to drug overdoses, making them a primary cause of injury-related fatalities. The opioid misuse crisis affects numerous lives, but help is available.

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Individuals in Antioch, TN using opioids or opiates are susceptible to developing dependency. These drugs, prescribed for pain management, affect the body’s pain sensation and induce euphoria by binding to brain opioid receptors, significantly increasing the risk of addiction. The momentary euphoria from opioid or opiate abuse in Antioch, TN can quickly lead to a deep-seated addiction, adversely impacting both physical and mental health. The dangers of suddenly stopping these drugs increase with prolonged use, leading to symptoms like nausea, vomiting, constipation, slowed heartbeat, shallow breathing, and in the worst cases, potentially fatal outcomes. In Antioch, TN, MAT treatment using Suboxone offers a secure and comfortable approach to discontinuing opioid use. Under the supervision of healthcare professionals, patients can safely manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings, ensuring an effective and smooth recovery process.
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MAT for Opioid Addiction: Key Benefits

Utilizing prescription drugs to treat addiction to other prescription drugs, though seemingly paradoxical, has been a successful approach with MAT since the 1930s. This strategy is supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, along with other global health organizations. Our opioid treatment in Antioch offers several significant advantages for those facing addiction, including:
  • Cost-effective treatment options
  • Flexible approaches in treatment plans
  • Lower risk of drug-related symptoms, illnesses, or death
  • Reduced relapse risk
  • Improved overall health
  • Enhanced outcomes for pregnant women
  • Greater treatment retention

Recovery NOW Antioch's Unique MAT Treatment

Recovery NOW Antioch’s philosophy involves an individualized approach to addiction treatment, incorporating medication, behavioral therapies, and counseling. Our MAT treatment is customized to meet the specific needs and goals of each patient.

In Antioch, MAT treatment stands as the foremost treatment for opioid addiction, known for its ability to minimize relapse risk. Prescription medications, particularly Suboxone, alleviate symptoms and cravings, rebalancing brain chemistry. This enhances patient engagement in counseling and behavioral therapy, facilitating the development of crucial interpersonal and coping skills for lifelong sobriety.

Suboxone maintenance in Antioch combines buprenorphine/naloxone with various therapeutic approaches, comprehensively addressing addiction’s physical and psychological dimensions. This method is a key component of a broader treatment strategy that includes both medical and mental health support, focusing on the complete wellbeing of the patient. It aims to reduce physical dependency while simultaneously providing psychological care through counseling and behavioral therapies. This integrated approach enhances patient resilience, fosters personal growth, and supports the development of effective coping strategies. Customized to suit individual needs, it seeks to treat the underlying causes of addiction, promote mental health, and equip patients with tools for sustainable recovery and a healthier lifestyle.

The MAT program at Recovery NOW Antioch, TN may comprise:

  • Suboxone: Buprenorphine and naloxone for opiate addiction, available in sublingual film or tablet form.
  • Vivitrol: Naltrexone, blocking opiate effects and curbing cravings, administered as an injection or pill.
  • Sublocade: Monthly extended-release buprenorphine injections.>

Choosing the right MAT approach in Antioch involves consultation with a certified addiction specialist. At Recovery NOW Antioch, we start with a thorough individual assessment, including physical and mental health evaluations and a detailed substance use history.

MAT Telehealth

If you’re in Antioch but distant from our Suboxone clinics, our MAT services are still within reach. We offer MAT telehealth for effective addiction recovery care. Patients using virtual MAT in Antioch receive healthcare on par with in-person patients, including individualized treatment plans for sustained recovery.

After your Antioch telehealth physician develops your MAT plan, you can get your medications from a preferred local pharmacy and schedule telehealth appointments for counseling and other behavioral therapies.

Telemedicine in Antioch might be eligible for coverage by major insurance and TennCare.

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