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In Dickson, TN, Recovery NOW offers a specialized MAT program, aiding you in overcoming opioid addiction, effectively handling withdrawal symptoms, and paving the way for a transformative and healthier life.

Recovery NOW in Dickson, TN specializes in MAT Treatment for those struggling with opioid addiction, providing Suboxone in an environment that’s confidential, respectful, and professional.

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The struggle with opioid and opiate addiction in Dickson, TN, is an ongoing battle. These substances, often prescribed and easily accessible, are among the most abused drugs, leading to widespread substance abuse issues.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention reveals that drug overdoses led to around 92,000 deaths in 2020, a leading cause of injury-related deaths in the U.S. The widespread crisis of opioid misuse affects millions, but there are support and help.

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for MAT Treatment

In Dickson, TN, individuals using opioids or opiates may develop dependency. Prescribed primarily for pain management, these drugs influence how the body processes pain and result in euphoria by activating the brain’s opioid receptors, a key factor in addiction.

Dickson, TN residents experiencing a brief high from opioid or opiate abuse face a serious risk of addiction, which can deeply impact physical and psychological well-being. Continuous opioid usage makes abrupt stopping hazardous. Withdrawal can cause symptoms like nausea, vomiting, constipation, slowed heartbeat, shallow breathing, and, in extreme cases, can lead to life-threatening situations.

Suboxone-based MAT treatment in Dickson, TN offers a reliable and comfortable solution for stopping opioid use. Under professional medical care, patients can cease opioid consumption safely, effectively managing withdrawal symptoms and cravings, thus facilitating a smoother transition to recovery.

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MAT's Benefits in Treating Opioid Addiction

Using prescription drugs to manage another prescription drug addiction might seem counterintuitive, but MAT has been in use since the 1930s with success. Its effectiveness is recognized by institutions like the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Our opioid treatment in Dickson provides numerous benefits to those struggling with addiction, such as:

  • Affordable options
  • Flexible treatment planning
  • Reduced risk of drug-related symptoms, illnesses, or death
  • Decreased risk of relapse
  • Enhanced overall health
  • Better outcomes for pregnant women
  • Improved retention in treatment

Recovery NOW Dickson's Approach to MAT Treatment

At Recovery NOW in Dickson, we focus on a tailored approach to addiction treatment, involving medication, behavioral therapies, and counseling. Our treatment plans are customized based on the individual patient’s needs and recovery objectives.

MAT treatment, the primary course for opioid addiction in Dickson, significantly reduces relapse risk. Suboxone, a key prescription medication, mitigates symptoms and cravings, normalizing brain chemistry. This treatment enhances receptivity to counseling and behavioral therapy, helping patients develop vital interpersonal and coping skills for maintaining lifelong sobriety.

Suboxone maintenance in Dickson integrates buprenorphine/naloxone with counseling and behavioral therapies, addressing the multifaceted impacts of addiction. This approach not only manages physical dependency but also delves into the psychological underpinnings of addiction. By offering a blend of medical treatment and emotional support, it fosters a comprehensive healing environment. Tailored to individual experiences, this program emphasizes personal growth, relapse prevention strategies, and the development of healthier coping mechanisms. It’s a journey towards healing, empowering individuals to rebuild their lives with resilience and a renewed sense of purpose.

Recovery NOW Dickson’s MAT program includes:

  • Suboxone: Combining buprenorphine and naloxone for opiate addiction and withdrawal, available in film or tablet form.
  • Vivitrol: Naltrexone to reduce opiate effects and cravings, offered as an injection or pill.
  • Sublocade: Administered monthly, extended-release buprenorphine.

In Dickson, consulting with a board-certified opioid addiction specialist for the best MAT approach is essential. Recovery NOW Dickson conducts comprehensive individual assessments before treatment, including evaluations of physical and mental health and a detailed history of substance use.

MAT Telehealth

Dickson residents not near our Suboxone clinics can still benefit from our MAT services. We provide MAT telehealth for addiction recovery, ensuring virtual patients receive the same level of care as those in-person, complete with tailored treatment plans for lasting recovery.

Once your Dickson telehealth physician establishes your MAT treatment plan, you can pick up your prescriptions from a local pharmacy and arrange telehealth appointments for counseling and additional behavioral therapies.

Telemedicine in Dickson may be covered by various insurance companies and TennCare.

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