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Recovery NOW's Madison, TN suboxone clinic provides comprehensive Medication-Assisted Treatment, aiding you in handling opioid withdrawal symptoms, defeating addiction, and leading you towards a brighter, transformative, and renewed future.

In Madison, TN, Recovery NOW offers expert MAT Treatment for opioid addiction, using Suboxone in a setting that upholds confidentiality, respect, and professional care.

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Opioid and opiate addiction in Madison, TN, represents a continual struggle. Being one of the most commonly abused substances, these drugs are readily available, often prescribed, and extremely addictive, affecting many lives and families.

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention’s data shows that drug overdoses resulted in nearly 92,000 deaths in 2020, highlighting it as a leading cause of injury-related death nationwide. Opioid misuse is a critical issue that affects countless lives, but help is available.

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for MAT Treatment

Opioid and opiate users in Madison, TN, have a potential dependency risk. These substances, prescribed for pain relief, impact the body’s pain perception. This leads to euphoria due to their interaction with opioid receptors in the brain, heightening addiction risks.

In Madison, TN, the temporary euphoria experienced from opioid or opiate misuse can escalate into addiction, profoundly affecting both physical and mental health. Extended use increases risks associated with sudden cessation. Absence of these drugs leads to severe side effects like nausea, vomiting, constipation, slow heart rate, shallow breathing, and in critical cases, it can even be fatal.

Madison, TN’s approach to combating opioid addiction includes MAT with Suboxone, providing a safe and efficient way to effectively halt opioid usage. Supervised by healthcare professionals, patients can effectively manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings, ensuring a smoother recovery process.

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MAT Benefits for Opioid Addiction Treatment

It may appear unconventional to use prescription medication to address addiction to other prescription drugs, yet MAT has been successfully used since the 1930s. This method has been endorsed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, among other prominent health entities.

Our opioid treatment in Madison presents several key advantages for addiction struggles, including:

  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Treatment plan flexibility
  • Reduced drug-related symptoms, illnesses, or death risk
  • Lowered relapse risk
  • Improved health overall
  • Better outcomes for pregnant women
  • Enhanced treatment retention

Recovery NOW Madison’s Approach to MAT Treatment

Recovery NOW in Madison believes in a personalized approach to addiction treatment. Our MAT treatment includes medication, behavioral therapies, and counseling, specifically designed according to the unique needs and objectives of each patient.

In Madison, MAT treatment is widely used for opioid addiction, notably for its capacity to lower relapse risk. Utilizing medications like Suboxone, it relieves symptoms and cravings, normalizing brain chemistry. This enhances patient receptivity to counseling and behavioral therapy, fostering the development of interpersonal and coping skills for lifelong sobriety.

In Madison, Suboxone maintenance merges buprenorphine/naloxone with various therapies, tackling addiction’s physical and psychological effects comprehensively. This integrated treatment approach combines the latest medical interventions with personalized counseling and behavioral therapy strategies. It aims to address the root causes of addiction, offer coping mechanisms, and provide ongoing support for long-term recovery. Tailored to each individual, it ensures patient-centered recovery journey.

Our Madison MAT program may include:

  • Suboxone:Buprenorphine and naloxone combination for treating opiate addiction and withdrawal, available as sublingual film or tablet.
  • Vivitrol:Naltrexone for blocking opiate effects and reducing cravings, in injection or pill form.
  • Sublocade:Monthly injections of extended-release buprenorphine.

With multiple MAT approaches available, it’s essential to consult a board-certified opioid addiction specialist in Madison. At Recovery NOW Madison, we begin treatment with an in-depth individual assessment, including physical and mental health evaluations and an extensive history of substance use.

MAT Telehealth

Residents in Madison without close access to our Suboxone clinics can utilize our MAT services remotely. Our MAT telehealth program provides equivalent addiction recovery care to in-person services, including personalized treatment plans that are essential for sustained recovery.

Your Madison MAT telehealth physician will create a customized treatment plan, allowing you to collect prescribed medications from a local pharmacy and schedule telehealth sessions for counseling and other behavioral therapies.

In Madison, telemedicine services may be included in coverage by major insurers and TennCare.

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