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Recovery NOW’s Smyrna, TN clinic delivers Medication-Assisted Treatment, designed to help you overcome opioid withdrawal and addiction, paving the way for a renewed, hopeful journey into a new life chapter.

In Smyrna, TN, Recovery NOW provides expert MAT Treatment for opioid addiction, utilizing Suboxone in a treatment setting characterized by confidentiality, respect, and professionalism.

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The issue of opioid and opiate addiction in Smyrna, TN, is a continuous battle. As highly addictive drugs that are often prescribed, they are readily available and lead to significant substance abuse challenges.

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention report that in 2020, approximately 92,000 people died from drug overdoses, making it a leading cause of injury-related death in the United States. The crisis of opioid misuse affects millions, yet there is available help.

Smyrna, TN’s Suboxone Clinic for MAT Treatment

Opioid or opiate users in Smyrna, TN, are at risk for dependency. Prescribed for pain relief, these substances affect pain perception in the body and can cause euphoria by binding to brain opioid receptors, potentially leading to addiction.

In Smyrna, TN, the transient high from opioid or opiate misuse can evolve into addiction, severely impacting an individual’s physical and mental health. Continuous use of opioids heightens the risk of severe withdrawal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, constipation, slow heartbeat, shallow breathing, and in severe circumstances, can be life-threatening.

Smyrna, TN provides MAT treatment with Suboxone as a safe and effective method to cease opioid use. Supervised by healthcare professionals, this treatment allows patients to safely manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings, aiding their recovery journey.

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Benefits of MAT in Treating Addiction

The use of prescription drugs to address addiction to other prescription drugs, though seemingly unconventional, has been effective with MAT since the 1930s. This method is endorsed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and other well-regarded health bodies.

Our opioid treatment in Smyrna offers multiple benefits for individuals struggling with addiction, including:

  • Cost-effective treatment choices.
  • Flexible treatment planning.
  • Reduced risk of drug-related symptoms, illnesses, or death.
  • Lower relapse risk.
  • Improved general health.
  • Better outcomes for pregnant individuals.
  • Enhanced treatment retention.

Recovery NOW Smyrna’s MAT Treatment Method

Recovery NOW Smyrna adheres to an individualized approach in addiction treatment, considering the entire patient. Our MAT program incorporates medication, behavioral therapies, and counseling, specifically designed to suit the unique needs and recovery goals of each individual.

MAT treatment in Smyrna is a leading choice for addressing opioid addiction, particularly due to its capacity to lessen the risk of relapse. Suboxone, a key medication, eases symptoms and cravings while stabilizing brain chemistry. This enhances patient receptivity to counseling and behavioral therapy, fostering interpersonal and coping skills for lifelong sobriety.

In Smyrna, Suboxone maintenance integrates buprenorphine/naloxone with counseling and behavioral therapies, creating a well-rounded approach to tackle addiction’s physical and psychological aspects. This combination provides individuals with comprehensive support, addressing not only the physical dependency but also the emotional and behavioral components of addiction. By offering a range of therapeutic interventions, the program in Smyrna ensures that individuals receive the necessary tools and guidance to overcome addiction and build a foundation for lasting recovery. Through this approach, Recovery NOW in Smyrna aims to empower individuals on their journey to a healthier and addiction-free life.

Recovery NOW Smyrna’s MAT program might include:

  • Suboxone: Buprenorphine and naloxone for opiate addiction and withdrawal treatment, available in sublingual film or tablet.
  • Vivitrol: Naltrexone, used to block opiate effects and reduce cravings, offered as an injection or pill.
  • Sublocade: Monthly extended-release buprenorphine injections.
Consulting a board-certified opioid addiction specialist is key in Smyrna for selecting the optimal MAT approach. At Recovery NOW Smyrna, we initiate treatment with a detailed individual assessment, including evaluations of physical and mental health and a comprehensive substance use history.
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MAT Telehealth

Smyrna residents, even if distant from our Suboxone clinics, can access our MAT services via telehealth. This approach provides virtual patients with the same level of healthcare as in-person visits, including tailored treatment plans essential for sustained recovery.

Once your Smyrna telehealth physician finalizes your MAT treatment plan, you can pick up medications from a local pharmacy and arrange telehealth sessions for counseling and additional behavioral therapies.

Telemedicine services in Smyrna may be covered by major insurance and TennCare.

We Accept All Major Insurers

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