Wanna Do Your Drug Treatment at Home? You So Can.

Since the concept of MAT Telehealth is still new to some, we understand there may be some questions around it. The standard care that most of us have known about is that if we or someone we’re close to has an addiction problem, we go somewhere to get better, whether that be a psych unit, ER, or a treatment facility. Now, things have changed. With MAT Telehealth, you don’t have to leave your home. Let’s dive into telehealth recovery in lieu of a drug facility in Middle Tennessee.

Stay discreet.

If you go to a facility for withdrawal, you may have to inform your job and a few loved ones know where you’re going and why you’ll be absent for a bit. You may not want them involved in your recovery journey yet. MAT Telehealth grants you total privacy so you can feel safe.

Stay with family.

Treatment facilities each have guidelines about visitors. In most cases, these places won’t allow friends or family to stop by. This is known as a blackout period where no visitors permitted, and your phone is taken away. While these kinds of guidelines work for a lot of people, it doesn’t work for everyone. Recovering from home allows you to choose who’s with you.

After Withdrawal

You’ve probably heard this phrase already- withdrawal is just the beginning of your healing process. Whether you’re exploring Middle Tennessee drug rehab at a center or MAT at home, it’s vital to have some kind of plan in place. If you’re still in a rough spot and need to get away from your friends, family, and work or else you might immediately relapse, inpatient treatment may be the way to go. This is where you travel to a facility either locally or regionally for a minimum 30 day stay, if not longer. You will be isolated from the outside world to focus.

Then there’s intensive outpatient options. IOP programs are a step down from inpatient treatment. Instead of going to a facility to live full time, you may just go there for several hours a day for treatment work and then go home. This allows you to maintain your normal work hours and stay connected with your family life. There’s also the option of therapy. Regardless of what path you choose for extended treatment, therapy should be a part of the process. There are many forms to choose from, such as trauma therapy, group therapy, and CBT.

Addressing your traumas beneath your addiction issues is very important to living a healthy and spiritual life. Please reach out to Recovery Now anytime for more information.