Why Is MAT So Important Anyway?

Medication Assisted Treatment is the use of medication to treat addiction. These include medications such as Vivitrol (Naltrexone) or Suboxone (Buprenorphine) among others. These medicines can help with cravings and withdrawals from drug use and are extremely effective in the healing process. In other words, you may become very sick if you try to go through withdrawal without it. MAT should only be performed and provided by clinical professionals.

Outpatient medication assisted treatment in Nashville is a great route for individuals struggling with the effects of opioid addiction. Outpatient treatment in Nashville, TN can be an effective alternative to traditional treatment options. Participating in MAT does not mean you have to leave your life behind for months at a time. You can still do everything you need in life while also working on yourself. It’s possible to get better while being there for family and work.

MAT telehealth recovery in Tennessee and surrounding areas is a great option for people who want to remain in their homes during treatment. You can sleep in your own bed, be around those who love you, and receive support from a team of professionals to assist with every step. There is never a reason to miss out on life. If our clinical staff believes you are suitable for our MAT program, there’s no need to attend lengthy clinic visits or inpatient treatment stays.

Recovery Now goes above and beyond to provide you the best possible experience while you participate in telehealth recovery while also helping you set up a plan for a successful transition when your time with us is complete. Our services are custom tailored to your needs, and our team is committed to helping you heal. We’ll discuss a personal plan for medication-assisted treatment. Your plan may include withdrawal or pain management medicine such as Suboxone®, buprenorphine (generic Suboxone), Vivitrol® and possibly more medicines to make you as comfortable as possible. This all depends on various medical factors and history. 

No matter what kind of opioid you’re coming down from or how severe your addiction is at this point in time, our medical team will work with you to devise the right personalized plan. All of your information and current status with us will remain confidential. With MAT telehealth, you never run the risk of running into someone you know at inpatient treatment. You get to heal on your own terms with expert guidance from us.

If you’re in need of MAT in Middle Tennessee, please don’t wait any longer. Reach out to us through this website and we’ll take care of the rest. Let us do the hard part while you focus on getting better. Start living the life you want by regaining control. You are not alone in this.