Addiction Treatment Near Me

You may have overheard someone talking about obot treatment near me and wondered what they meant by the term. Obot is short for Office Based Opioid Treatment, suggesting rehab in an outpatient setting. If your addiction to opioids is not severe and you feel motivated to stay in recovery until you’ve completed detox and addiction treatment, you may be a good candidate for Obot. At Recovery Now, we believe there are many roads to success when it comes to addiction. We’re rated one of the best addiction treatment centers in the state, providing Suboxone, Subutex, Zubsolv, Sublocade, and Vivitrol in a safe and comfortable environment.

5 Undeniable Benefits Of Obot Addiction Treatment Near Me

1. The cost of feeding an addiction to opioids typically results in legal trouble since the criminal activity is often the vehicle used by addicts to pay for drugs. As the disease of addiction progresses, it becomes easier to rationalize theft as a means of acquiring opioids. Committing to treatment in our addiction treatment clinic may help you navigate legal issues and keep you out of jail if you’ve engaged in illegal activity to obtain drugs.

2. Doctors at our addiction rehabilitation center can diagnose and treat co-occurring disorders that have prevented long-term recovery in the past. If you have a history of relapse, addiction treatment near me can improve mental and physical health while you continue to heal from the effects of addiction. Call our drug and alcohol rehab center for more information about outpatient rehab at Recovery Now.

3. Outpatient addiction treatment near me at Recovery Now includes support and therapy that can help repair relationships at home and at the workplace. If you’ve noticed strained friendships, problems at home, or a challenging job environment, it’s most likely due to behavioral changes that occur in the course of addiction. Obot at Recovery Now will show others around you that you’re serious about recovery and will help to mend fences.

4. It’s difficult for someone with a severe addiction to go to work every day and maintain performance on the job. Office Based Opioid Treatment can improve your chances of keeping your current job or finding a job in your community. With Obot treatment near me, your counselor can arrange treatment around your work schedule and home life, so you’ll be more likely to succeed in all environments.

5. Suboxone treatment in a safe outpatient atmosphere is effective when taken as directed. If you’re fearful or anxious about getting help for an addiction to opioids, you can rest easy knowing that Suboxone will minimize painful withdrawals and make it easier for you to complete your recovery program. Read more about Suboxone and other MAT options offered at Recovery Now, then give us a call at 615-416-8010 to speak one-on-one with a counselor who can help you get started on your recovery path.

Obot treatment is not right for everyone, however, if our medical team determines you’ll benefit from Suboxone, the best rehab centers will make it available to you in an office setting. Suboxone won’t interrupt your life at home; continue school courses, work, and caring for family members while you recover from opioid addiction on your terms. Recovery starts with a phone call to our intake specialists through our 24-hour helpline.

Addiction Treatment Near Me